A Fangirl’s Dream Come True…


 Have a look folks – here is the show!!


So thing totally cool, utterly amazing thing is happening to me this week. I was asked to join the panel on Last Call with Brittany Gibbons. Squeeeee!!!!

This weeks topic: Dirty Little Book Club, Part 2.

Summary from the Google+ page:

It was such scandalous fun, we’re doing it again! Join me as I dish smut, sex and everything between the sheets with best selling authors Tiffany Reisz and Alice Clayton. BYOB. NSFW.

This week’s guests: +Tiffany Reisz +Alice Clayton
This week’s panel: +Audrey Binkowski +Amber Doty +Angie Lynch +Marci Smith +Meredith Soleau

I am freaking out. Not only do i get to participate in this totally fun, totally raunchy, live broadcast chat with a group of amazing women… but i get to do it with my TWO FAVORITE AUTHORS – Alice Clayton and TIffany Reisz!

I die!

So go RSVP right now that you will come spend an hour making fun of me… and then be sure to tune in on Thursday, May 23rd, 9 p.m. CT

RSVP and Watch HERE –>https://plus.google.com/u/0/events/c51tvipkqfff2p8adg887al2cho

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